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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to buy products directly from BRANDSOURCE?
A: As a member of BRANDSOURCE you continue to purchase your products through your sales representatives, just like you do now. You can also order through the Expert Cross Dock system, which allows you to purchase high volume – high profit products in small quantities at truckload pricing, and you can buy from the Expert Warehouse. You’ll want to see what’s best for your needs each time you need merchandise.
Q: Can the group get me brands I cannot get today?
A: BRANDSOURCE respects the manufacture’s right of franchise. Therefore, we cannot guarantee you a line. However, BRANDSOURCE maintains strong working relationships with our suppliers and we will do all we can to help you get the line or lines you need. If you purchase from Expert Warehouse, many of the lines are open to all members.
Q: My suppliers tell me I’m already getting the best deal. Why do I need to belong to a buying group?
A: BRANDSOURCE has members who sell $ 500,000 in products annually, and other who sell over $50,000,000 annually. There is always a better deal. Belonging to BRANDSOURCE ensure you the best overall buys. Buying through the Expert Cross Dock ensures you truckload pricing and flooring with a minimum of 12 pieces on your order.
Q: I see BRANDSOURCE ads on TV every month. Does that cost me additional money?
A: BRANDSOURCE utilizes the power of national television to advertise our products, promotions and our name to create a brand that customers recognize across the nation. BRANDSOURCE is the #4 most recognized appliance retail brand in the country and then #5 most recognized consumer electronics retailer brand. This year we will spend over $10,000,000 in national television advertising – network, cable and syndicated. You pay only $2 per unit on select core models to contribute to the national advertising campaign, monthly tabloid events, and store branding co-op program. That’s a minimal contribution to be a part of a national chain of stores with high consumer awareness!
Members who are consistently using the national tabloid program are experiencing sales gains that far exceed the industry. Member stores that are branded with BRANDSOURCE exterior signage as well as interior décor and messaging elements are experiencing sales gains that significantly surpass those stores that have not yet done so.
BRANDSOURCE’s key suppliers provide millions of dollars in additional support for advertising, merchandising and promotions. Why? Because BRANDSOURCE is the only retail group in the industry that has the ability to go to market with a common brand and as one!

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