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Independent major appliance, consumer electronics and home furnishings retailers face a daunting battle for market share and profitability in an ever – expanding arena of retail giants known as “the box stores”. Independent retailers have seen the rise and fall of many large multi-regional and chain store competitors – but they just keep coming – it is inevitable! And, now the era of the home improvement channel – Lowe’s and Home Depot, whose rapid expansion and success are unprecedented, taking huge chunks of major appliance market share in record time. The highest levels of home ownership in our history, and the “do-it-yourself” trend drive the consumer to these omnipresent locations like a huge magnet.

In the consumer electrics retail battlefield Circuit City, Best Buy, multi-regional electronics stores, wholesale clubs and mass merchants continue to grow and gobble up market share. Again, the independent appliance/electronics stores, electronics-only stores and even audio/video specialists continuously strive to carve out a profitable share of their local market up against these well-capitalized and organized “big box stores” and multi-market retail brands.

Associated Volume Buyers, an entrepreneurial “member – owned group of independent retailers, realized that if its members were to not only survive, but also, to profit, grow and expand, it must also become a nationally recognized consumer brand. BRANDSOURCE is that national brand.

In just a few short years through innovation, tenacity and the willingness to take calculated risks, BRANDSOURCE has become a national brand in the appliance and consumer electronics business, and that consumer awareness grows every single day.

BRANDSOURCE is also strongly committed to the bedding and home furnishings business, and leads the pack among national retail buying groups in those segments of the business as well.

BRANDSOURCE is the first and only appliance, electronics and home furnishings independent retailer industry organization to hit national network television air with commercials that leverage the strength of nearly 2,200 storefronts with a common logo, identity, signage, advertising, merchandising, goals and strategic plan – a great American brand.

BRANDSOURCE is successfully implementing co-branding advertising programs with key supplier partners just like the national chains. Again – no other independent group in the country has ever achieved this success, and the end is nowhere in sight for BRANDSOURCE – to the contrary, the incredible journey has just begun, and every day that passes creates more consumer awareness and value in the brand, and in each member store location.

BRANDSOURCE has bravely seized the opportunity to become the dominant independent retail force in the appliance, electronics and furniture industries. BRANDSOURCE is the power! Now the independent retail channel is fighting back by leveraging the strengths of strong, capable community – based retailers that understand each and every marketplace and their customers’ needs. BRANDSOURCE is proof of the power of creative collaboration.

Together we stand – as BRANDSOURCE – in a united front ready to not only slow down the competition but also take them on headfirst – and knock them back on their heels! Remember the famous words – “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” BRANDSOURCE members are fighting back and they’re “junk yard dog mean” when it comes to protecting their market places, their customer bases, their communities, and their livelihoods. BRANDSOURCE is the rallying cry for the independent appliance, electronics and home furnishings retailers.

BRANDSOURCE provides the platform from which to network and leverage every single member’s strengths, resources market-specific knowledge, commitment to customer satisfaction, and advertising into an unbeatable cohesive national market power.

BRANDSOURCE… is the realization of the power of a brand. One of the most valuable assets any business has is its brand. Great brands transcend economic downturns, political and social changes, national and world events, and demographic trends. BRANDSOURCE is top to bottom branding strategy – from customer culture, store environment, merchandising, advertising, and supplier alliances. Every single member has ownership of the brand, and the value of the BRANDSOURCE brand increases every day. And, not only does the equity of the brand as a chain of stores grow but each and every member location gains brand equity as well.

  • Member Owned and Member Managed
    BRANDSOURCE is a member – owned, member-managed, not for profit entrepreneurial organization whose only objective to help its members realize greater profits, brand equity, market share and long term value.
  • BRANDSOURCE Credit Card
    BRANDSOURCE provides a professionally managed consumer credit card program. As a member of BRANDSOURCE, you can advertise just like the national chains with no interest terms from 30 days to 48 months and over 200 days a year of 0% interest promotions through BRANDSOURCE and its suppliers.
  • Expert Warehouse / Expert Order Management System (OMS)
    C.E. suppliers have raised the level of minimum annual purchases to qualify for factory direct purchases and factory direct pricing. Expert Warehouse overcomes that problem by being the group’s own stocking warehouse, buying, in truckload quantities to assure you the products you need will be in stock. BRANDSOURCE, through Expert Warehouse, is recognized by many C.E. manufacturers as one of the largest “Accounts” in the nation!
  • Expert Crossdock
    Provides BRANDSOURCE members with specific product at truckload or better pricing for margin enhancement opportunities. Members can place orders with a minimum of 12 pieces through the Expert OMS system and receive truckload pricing. Expert Crossdock also provides our members with improvement with improved opportunities to receive allocated and new products from the factory versus normal distribution channels.
  • Expert Finance
    For every $100,000 in annual purchases through Expert Finance, you earn one “unit” of Expert Finance Member Equity. Even if you currently pay cash for your inventory purchases, Expert Finance has programs that may save you money!
  • Expert Protection Extended Service Plans
    Provide your customers with additional protection for up to 6 years from date of purchase. It provides the security of an A (excellent) rated insurance company, a professionally managed administration group for your customers and in – store sales training for you and your staff.
  • Expert Care
    BRANDSOURCE offers health benefits programs, including health, life, dental, and vision at competitive rates.
  • National Advertising and Circular programs
    BRANDSOURCE uses national network and cable advertising to promote BRANDSOURCE as a national brand name. With the monthly circular program, BRANDSOURCE members can leverage the power of the national television advertising and the BRANDSOURCE competitive advantages. Those members who use this program consistently are amongst the top tier of volume and profit dealers in the business. These circulars feature the best core merchandising and are customized for each member location.
  • Regional Support
    Recognizing the differences between retailers and consumers and around the nation, BRANDSOURCE has Sixteen regions to target members’ needs more specifically. Regional meetings, region-specific consumer specials and professional regional support provided by the regional managers are just some of the benefits.

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